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We are a family owned operation keeping Texas cooler for over 16 years!

Solar screens are the best way to stay cool inside your house without running the air conditioning too much. They are placed on the outside of the window, made with special mesh so the heat stays out not the light.

We also have pressure washing services and can clean anything including driveways, fences, porches and more.

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Designed To Block 70%-90% Rays / Heat
2" Wood Blinds & All Types Of Window Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions

Why solar screens instead of tinting?
Screens offer three times more blockage than tinting. This is because the screen stops the heat before it reaches the window. Also tinting can make the glass hot and might cause breaking.

Will the screens block my view of the outside?
Because the strands in the screen are uniformly spaced your view is not distorted at all. If it is brighter outside the window than in, then it will be very hard to see in and vice versa.

Will the screens darken the room?
They still allow plenty of light to come in. As a bonus the light that comes through is much softer on your eyes and reduces that awful glare on your television set. Plants do well in the softer light as well.

How much money will I save with the screens on?
Some studies show up to 50% on your cooling portion of the electric bill. Usually screens pay for themselves in 2 years or so. It will be tough to find a home improvement that will pay for itself and not cost thousands of dollars.

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